Thursday, March 24, 2016

HPB Presents: Spring Watercolor Manicure

Look at me! Actually participating in a nail art challenge this month! This month, the Hobby Polish Bloggers decided on a spring themed mani for their monthly link up, so I decided to create a watercolor-type manicure using spring colors!

I used Enchanted Polish Winter (a light grey) as my base, and then used saran wrap to sponge on Reign Beau (teal), Disco H2O (cornflower blue), and Dope Jam (pink). This was a pretty easy manicure to do, but I had a couple of issues-- I think I got too heavy with Disco H2O, and that covered up too much of the teal Reign Beau. But I love the way the pink of Dope Jam looks over the others. I also should have used a latex barrier for my cuticles, because I was too afraid of getting polish all over my fingers and so I think some of the grey edges look a little funny to me.

In the end, this looks a bit muddy to me, but I still like it! I do think it has a watercolor feel to it, even though I wish the colors were a bit more separate. Ah well! I just need more practice! What do you think?


  1. Great mani :) love the blending of the colours x

  2. This is beautiful! I suck at challenges- I always plan to do them and then life happens. Hahaha!

  3. Those are some of the few EPs I have and love love love love them.

  4. That is cute! I know what you are saying when the colors don't always end up distinct enough - that's definitely happened to me.