Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chanel Vibrato

Yesterday I brought you a manicure I wore awhile ago-- today I have a more recent manicure (I wore this for Easter). Technically, the polish did come out awhile ago, but I am only just now wearing it. My Easter dress had a lot of coral in it, so I wanted something that contrasted. I decided that a bold, bright blue was the perfect remedy. The first polish that came to mind for what I wanted was Chanel Vibrato, which is one of two polishes from the Blue Rhythm collection released last August. Vibrato is a bold, vibrant cobalt blue creme.

Vibrato has an excellent formula. It goes on very smoothly and easily-- the formula was just perfect and very easy to work with. It's not quite a one-coat wonder; I didn't have completely even coverage on the first coat, but most people could probably get away with two coats. I added a third for good measure, though I didn't really need it but wide nail beds yadda yadda yadda.

Soooooo gorgeous! I could just stare at this blue for hours. Blues, and cobalt blues in particular, are my favorite, so this is just perfect on so many levels. For some reason my top coat looks a little scuffed up here, though in real life Vibrato was pretty shiny all by itself.

Sadly, Chanel just revamped their entire polish line and most of the really cool polishes they had are gone now (maybe to return one day, we can hope). Vibrato was a limited edition in any case, so it's probably going to be hard to find these days, as the more "out there" Chanel shades seem to be snapped up very quickly.


  1. That is a stunning blue, lovely swatches hun x

  2. Such a stunning blue shade. I have a similar blue from Mavala and you mentioning pairing this with coral clothes makes me want to do the same now. Thanks for the tip :)