Monday, March 16, 2015

Pretty Serious The Dragon's Curse

*Edit: this was supposed to be posted yesterday, whoops!* Today I have my first Pretty Serious polish on the blog; one from their newest collection Naileontology collection. This is the polish I'm actually wearing for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, but I have another post planned for tomorrow, so you get to see this one today! The Dragon's Curse is a lovely apple green polish with an intense gold shimmer running throughout it. 

This is the first polish from Pretty Serious I have tried (though I did pick up a few others on sale awhile back) and I was really impressed with the formula and application. It went on super smoothly and easily-- almost too easily, as I have to be careful not too pick up too much polish and flood my nails (and I have fairly large nail beds). Because of the intense shimmer, I would suggest using a light hand when applying it because the shimmer can look slightly slightly brushs-strokey. One coat covered very well, but was not quite opaque-- two coats was perfect!

Artificial light (flash):

My photos here are a little washed out-- the green is much more vibrant and brighter in real life. This is such an awesome shade and I am totally in love with it! The Dragon's Curse is currently available for purchase for $9.95 at Pretty Serious (and with the conversion rate, you're actually winning right now). This polish is definitely unique to my collection so if you're a green polish fiend, this is definitely worth having!


  1. I just got this in the mail yesterday along with a few others and it's so gorgeous!! I love it!