Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cult Nails Flash

Today brings us a sad story, sob. I have one of the last polishes ever from Cult Nails, Flash. Back in December, they announced a Secret Collection of three colors but didn't release pictures of them. Flash was one of the polishes from that collection. Unfortunately, Cult Nails announced in January that they were liquidating and closing their doors, which was a huge disappoint for the nail world. Personally, I love (loved?) Cult Nails so I am definitely sad that they are gone-- they made great polishes (and treatments... god, what I am going to do without their Wicked Fast top coat?!) and they were a great company to support. So sad! 

Flash is a medium green creme and it dries with a slight satin or waxy finish. I honestly can't remember now if I used three coats or two-- I think it was three. This was decently pigmented, but definitely not opaque in a single coat; there were a few patches that needed to be covered up. I didn't use a top coat here-- you can see the waxy finish. I didn't have any issues!

Artificial light (flash):

I think this is a nice creme polish and great green, though nothing necessarily out of the ordinary. It's still a bummer that Cult Nails has closed up shop, though. I will miss their collections! I still have a bunch of untried polishes waiting to be used, so you will still see them on the blog!

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  1. Really nice green creme. Very sad about Cult Nails closing too.