Saturday, March 28, 2015

Daily Hues Hawks

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far--mine was not off to a great this morning, because I discovered that between getting on the bus last night and getting home, I lost my waller! UGH! Luckily it appears that no one found it and tried to use any of my cards, but man, what a pain in the butt to call and cancel all my cards! And now I also need to replace my license blah blah blah. I'm so annoyed with myself-- what a dumb thing to happen. I hope it will turn up in the Metro lost & found, but they are closed until Monday so that's a bust right now. But the day did get better because we have friends in town and celebrated the impending arrival of a new baby at a shower, so that was fun.

Tonight I have one green polish to share with you-- if you are sick of greens I am almost done, I swear! Today I have Daily Hues Hawks, which is part of her Seattle Seahawks Trio. Hawks is a bright, vivid green with a strong linear holographic finish. This polish is on the sheer side, and definitely has a syrupy, jelly-like quality like. I needed three coats to make this mostly opaque, and there was still a hint of visible nail line. I would recommend using a light hand to prevent any dragging and leaving this a few minutes to dry in between coats.

Artificial light (flash):

I think my photos here are a little washed out-- the green, while it does have a yellow tint, is definitely brighter in real life. I wish this was a little more opaque, but really, I didn't have many issues with it. This is such a fun color and will be great to wear in the fall for Seahawks games (when it doesn't clash with wearing purple for Husky games, of course).


  1. Awesome bright green holo that is. Its so vibrant.

  2. I will never be sick of green! That's a beautiful color!!