Monday, December 31, 2012

Zoya Neely

The next polish from the Peter Som fashion trio (and part of the forthcoming Lovely Spring 2013 Collection) is Zoya Neely. Zoya describes Neely as a "a full coverage opaque creamy mint with subdued undertones." I'm not sure what the 'subdued undertones' is supposed to mean-- maybe it's that there is a hint of grey in the polish to keep it from being too stark or too bright.

The formula on Neely was better than Jacqueline, but was still streaky in my hands. I'm pretty sure I had to use three coats (unfortunately, I didn't write it down in my notes) to get a completely streak-free finish on this. However, I was having an off day when I swatched this, and I think some of my problems were due to that, rather than the polish itself. Aside from being a bit streaky during application, the formula was similar to most Zoya polishes-- decently pigmented and pretty even, perhaps a little on the thick side. I would suggest waiting for this to dry in between coats to prevent dragging or avoid bubbling, especially if you are using thicker coats.

Artificial light with flash:

My flash pictures make this seem brighter than it is-- it's more toned down in real life. Also, I feel like these pictures lean a little too blue.

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Like many polish addicts, I'm a sucker for these light green cremes-- even though green isn't my favorite color. This is a very pale light green and I think it looks lovely delicate, perfect for spring.


  1. So pretty! I might just need to get myself this one. I don't have any mint greens but I just love the official description of this-- earliest spring green, I think it is.

    1. This one is very pretty! My pictures make it look a lot brighter than it is in real life-- it's definitely a more subdued mint. I think you could even wear this as a 'neutral' if you were so inclined.