Monday, December 31, 2012

Quick NYE manicure!

The title says it all-- this is my NYE manicure! I have to say, I wasn't feeling very inspired and I didn't want to go with something typical like silver or blue (not that there's anything wrong with those colors-- I actually tried out a couple of both before settling on something else!). Finally, looking through my giant stash of polishes I still need to swatch, I picked out OPI The World Is Not Enough and then added an accent nail with OPI The Living Daylights. It fits the need for something fun and sparkly, but it also a little bit different. The glitter in The Living Daylights probably would have 'popped' better over a darker base color, but I like the fact that it's a little more subtle here.

Artificial light: 

Natural light: 

Happy New Year to all of you! Have fun celebrating tonight-- whether it's quietly at home or a big fancy shindig (or something in between!).


  1. I did the same combo! How ironic! I didn't have enough time to post today, but we are twins!

  2. I used Color Club's Disco Nap instead of the OPI color though. :)

  3. Perfect, so fun, colorful, and sparkly :) Happy New Year to you, Cat!