Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cult Nails Deception

Tonight I have Deception, another top coat from Cult Nails. Deception is described as a "sheer top coat that lays a pink/purple sheen over your existing polish." While this definitely looks pink in bottle, I don't really see much pink on the nail. Deception certainly has a purple sheen to it, with some blue and pink sparkle. I find this top coat to have a similar shimmer to several blue/purple polishes available. However, this is of course unique in the fact that you can add it to ANY polish, not just purple or blue ones.

Here I have used one coat of Deception over American Apparel Hassid. I found Deception to be much more subtle compared to Alter Ego and Two Timer, but still very pretty. Like the other top coats in this collection, I didn't have any trouble applying it and it dried quickly and pretty shiny. I didn't use a top coat in the photos below.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I had some trouble photographing Deception, unfortunately. All my photos seem way too dark. I would really like to try this over a brighter base color (such as Revlon Royal) to really bring out the sparkle, or a much lighter color all together. I feel a little down about this one because it doesn't feel all that unique to me over the black base, so I hope I like it more layered over another color, since it is very pretty!

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  1. This one's pretty! I like how subtle. I bet it'd be interesting over a pearly pink or a shimmery navy (like WnW Toxic Apple which I think you have... ;)).