Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nostalgic Lacquer Mad World

Today I have one of the polishes from Nostalgic Lacquer's New Wave Winter Collection-- Mad World, named for the 1983 Tears for Fears song. Even though I was born in the 80's, my childhood was largely shaped by the 90's, because that's when I was at most impressionable, but I love freaking love 80's music. So when I read that Nostalgic Lacquer was doing an 80's inspired collection for the winter season, I was all over that. So far I have only had time to swatch one polish, but I will have the rest for you soon!

Mad World is described as a  "a dazzling mixture of approximately 100 different glitters (and growing!). Hexes, squares, diamonds, shreds, hearts, stars, circles and bars! Each bottle is completely unique and different from the next. Layer this over your favorite base colors to create a totally original look." And it is indeed everything but the kitchen sink in terms of glitter. This polish is jam packed! Because I was swatching the Cult Nails Deception Collection at the same time, I layered Mad World over American Apparel Hassid. It's not a very original combo, but I think it looks pretty. With the clear base you could layer this over any color base. I dabbed this polish on, but with all the glitter it's very easy to apply using that method. Because of all the glitter, this dries down to a gritty finish, so you definitely need a top coat (or two) to make it shiny, glossy and smooth. I am not wearing a top coat in these pictures.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Bottle shot:

I don't usually reach for this glitterbomb polishes, but the magpie in me loves this. Sparkly! Shiny! Pretty! I love all the different glitter types and how easy this polish is to apply. Mad World is available at the Nostalgic Lacquer Big Cartel site for $9.75.


  1. Oh my jezus, it looks like the 80's puked all over your nails.

    I feel like I should go buy you a Lisa Frank unicorn binder and a new bottle of Aqua-net.

    BTW - I kind of love it... :)

  2. What an amazing multicolored nail polish! Perfect for new years!!