Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nostalgic Lacquer Bitchcraft

Technically we are past the Halloween holiday (though technically today is All Saints), but I have one more Halloween polish to share with you. Tonight I have Nostalgic Lacquer Bitchcraft for you! The name alone makes it worth it. Bitchcraft is described as a "creepy pea-soupy green jelly with various shapes and sizes of glitters in purple, magenta, blue and black" and that you layer it over your favorite green.

I decided to layer Bitchcraft over Julep Hoch (the closest green I had on hand) and I used two coats. I love how murky this polish is! It's just a swampy feel to it, but is really pretty. The base color is pretty sheer when applied on the nail alone, but colored enough to shift the base color or "undie" underneath. I managed to apply this fairly easily by dabbing in my nail to get the glitter where I wanted it. I wasn't quite perfect-- you can see in some areas where the base color of Bitchcraft didn't quite cover Hoch all the way. I guess it helps add to the overall murky quality but in the future I might try this over another base color in the future.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Bitchcraft is amazing! I love this polish (and it's name so much). I love the combination of glitter against the green base-- it looks great and also seems a little different from a "typical" Halloween color combo. Love it!


  1. Haha, that name is awesome. I kind of wish it were called Bitchface; for some reason, that would make me so happy! LOL

  2. YESS, another Type O Neg polish! Bitchcraft is perfect. :)