Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Maven Choice Box

I'm trying something a little different with my October Maven Box. Mostly because I'm so far behind, but I at least wanted to give you guys the run-down of my Maven box and then go into the color in-depth later. When Julep put out their previews for the October box, I wasn't thrilled because they were centered around crackle polishes, which seem very played out by now. A lot of Mavens felt similarly, because Julep decided to over a 6th choice (the Maven's Choice Box) to their mavens, one that was just regular polishes, no crackles. While my American Beauty box did have an orange crackle that was slightly interesting, I decided to go for the Maven's Choice because I knew I would use these polishes more than I would any crackles.

Keira, a deep merlot red creme:

Lisa, a warm pebble grey creme:

Eloise, a smokey indigo blue creme:

I also got three add-on to round out my order because I can't resist a $4.99 Julep polish. These were three polishes I didn't have in my stash, and two of them (Caroline and Leslie) were new releases.

Kate, a pearly white frost:

Caroline, a darkest burgundy shimmer:

Leslie, a black and silver specked shimmer:

And that was my October Maven Box! I will have more in depth reviews later!

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  1. I ended up with a crackle polish because I was hoping it would look like the croc crackle, because the label looks like it. Alas, it was regular ol' crackle! But I got Caroline and Leslie with the crackle and I love those colors!