Friday, November 2, 2012

Football Friday: California Dreamin' Edition

Today's post is a little different-- mainly because the football game is actually tonight so I am making sure to post this early! UW is on the road again, this time facing the California Bears. UW is highly iffy road team, but has had some success against Cal on the road in the past. If we could pull off a win this week it would go a long way to boosting up the team during the last three games of the season. Personally, I think the Huskies have the ability to do it-- we certainly have some talented players. Cal has been struggling a lot this season and haven't looked great. But considering how inconsistently UW plays, especially on the road, I'm not extremely confident in our chances. But I am excited to wear my jersey to work and do some themed makeup! My coworkers already think I'm sports nuts as it is, so this will only cement it further.

I tried to spice things up a little this week-- helped of course by the fact that the Huskies played a tough game against Oregon State and beat them 20-17 in the pouring rain. So I was feeling slightly more inspired. I have some cool UW nail decals that I haven't used yet, so I decided to pull them out this week, along with a purple and gold polish. I pulled out two American Apparel polishes-- Imperial Purple and Gold Flash. I used two coats of each polish. After letting them dry, I took the nail decal, placed it on my nail and then held a wet paper towel over it to get it to stick to the nail. It was a little difficult to position it correctly on the nail, but easy enough to apply.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I like this manicure-- it's simple but still spirited. I wish Imperial Purple wasn't quite so dark, but it's a really gorgeous dark purple and Gold Flash is now my go-to metallic gold.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Bears!

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