Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Sheer Red

Tonight's polish is an interesting one-- Sheer Red from Rescue Beauty Lounge. I'll let Ji describe it: "There are times when an opaque red seems as appealing as a winter coat in the middle of July. Yet you still want a
defined color. Try this sheer cherry red stain, which leaves your nails a rosy deep pink. Or layer it over Underwear for a glowing neon bright pink. Both elegant and playful."

To be perfectly clear: Sheer Red is sheer! It's meant to be sheer and used as a stain on the nail or for layering. You will never get this to be opaque on its own! Personally, I don't think I would ever wear Sheer Red alone, because I'm not big into wearing sheer polishes or stains, so I think I will probably only use this for layering. It's also not quite as red as the bottle would make you believe-- it comes out pink on the nail.

Here I have layered two coats of Sheer Red over Lulu, since I had just swatched it. One thing I would say about Sheer Red-- you can get denser areas of color if you aren't careful. You can see this on my ring finger, where I have a streak of darker pink. The formula is very jelly in consistency and goes on easily. I really like how this looks. It's comes out bright and colorful over the lighter pink base and is very cheerful and springy (or summery). It does give your nails a nice pop of color!

Gah, so I realized as I cropped these photos that there was a dog hair stuck to my index finger. ARGH. How did I miss that?! It's a hazard in my house, but it's so annoying. Sorry!

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - partial sun:

Well, aside from being really unhappy with my pictures I like this and it has a lot of possibilities for layering. I can't ever see myself wearing Sheer Red by itself but I look forward to playing with it!

Sheer Red is available for $18 on the Rescue Beauty website, but is running low according to Ji. So if you want it, get it before it's gone as it is limited edition and won't be coming back when it sells out.

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