Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Maven Box Review

And now for the round-up of my Maven box. Aside from polish, the May Maven box also included a foot file and a foot care product call The Best Pedi Prep Ever.

Now the polishes! I got Ellie and Kylie as part of my box and then added Ashley and Sarah as extras.





Overall, I was kind of meh on May's Maven box. I really like the pedicure stuff-- I usually do my own pedicures these days (so I have more money for polish) but it's nice to have some good stuff to take care of my feet with! So that's a plus. The polishes, on the other hand, were kind of just ok. I wasn't thrilled with Ellie, though I plan on experimenting with it, so maybe I'll end up liking it more. Kylie was ok; I also need to play around with it some more. I really do like Ashley and Sarah, though. I know I haven't made it a normal thing to review my Maven boxes, so I think this box was just ok, but I've been more impressed with other boxes.

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