Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nostalgic Lacquer Riot

Ok, taking a break from all the Julep polishes (sort of), I have an awesome indie polish to show you today! This is a polish from Nostalgic Lacquer called Riot, based on the cartoon Jem. (Side note: I am a terrible child of the 80's... I never watched Jem!! Shhh, don't tell.) Nostalgic Lacquer has a great description, so I'm not going to try on my own: "Riot loves his gold chains and muscle tanks, which is why he's full of gold tinsel. He's also got a hearty amount of small matte white and large orange hex glitters."

I was inspired to use this color combination after I saw a piece of nail polish jewelry on Etsy that featured Riot over Julep Blake, which I have reviewed here before and is a pale daffodil yellow. Since I have just received my April Maven box when I wore this, I decided to layer Riot over Julep Parker (which you'll be seeing shortly).  I am pretty sure I used 1-2 coats of Riot here, since I didn't take any notes, but I know it wasn't more than that. Prior to using Riot I had come to conclusion that I hated bar glitter-- but I love the bar glitter in this polish!

Like most glitter polishes, I mainly had to apply this by dabbing the glitter onto my nail and then using my brush to spread it around. Doing otherwise meant it was practically impossible to get the large orange hex pieces on my nails. But I got the hang of it! On to the pictures!

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Sorry for the bubbles... I was using the last of my Essie Good to Go top coat and it bubbled! Blergh. But I did get a lot of compliments on this manicure while I was wearing it, which is always nice. I love how happy and cheerful this looks. I am considering recreating this look for my birthday, just because I'm in love with how this looks. Nostalgic Lacquer has become one of my favorite indie brands-- I would highly suggest you take a look at her polishes. I now have seven and want to own more! 

Unfortunately, Erin, the creator of Nostalgic Lacquer, has decided to discontinue Riot for the time being. However, you might convince her to re-release it. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or at her blog for updates. Her polishes retail for $9, though she will be raising her prices to $9.75 in the future due to rising costs of polish supplies.

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