Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zoya Feel Collection Round-Up!

The Zoya Feel Collection was supposed to be a collection of six universally flattering winter neutrals in a creme finish. Luckily for the consumer, this isn't just a collection of beige, taupe and gray polishes. We have range of gorgeous neutrals to choose from and I think Zoya definitely succeeded to creating a collection of neutrals that can be worn anytime throughout the year and particularly from winter to spring. I really like that we got some purple and blue in this collection, because these colors aren't usually considered neutral in any sense of the word.

The formulas on these polishes were generally ok, though some seemed runnier than others. In general, these polishes went on a little streaky in the first coat, but then evened out nicely the second coat. I was pretty satisfied with these polishes overall-- maybe not the easiest to deal with, but certainly not as troublesome as they could be. I love how creamy and cozy they look.







I actually love all of these, but probably my favorite is Kristen, solely for the blue color. But really, all these polishes are great in their own way. I like each of them! Even though I preferentially do my manicures in bright, bold colors there is some part of my that just loves the way a good neutral polish looks. Anybody else out there have a favorite from this collection?

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