Friday, September 11, 2015

Purple Friday: Girly Bits Protect Your Girly Bits

Onto our second Purple Friday post of the season! We had a really fun time traveling to Boise for the first game of the season, even though we did lose. Boise has a cute downtown area and the food and drinks were good (and cheap!) and we got some rest away from the kids. So aside from the loss, it was an excellent trip. Can't win 'em all, right?

This week we have our home opener and are playing Sacramento State. This game should be a gimme, but you never know these days! This week it's an early game (kickoff at 11am!) so we're doing a mimosa tailgate! Yum! I figured Protect Your Girly Bits was a good polish to start off a home stretch, especially with the name, haha! PYGB is a gorgeous, medium grape purple with a nicely balanced holographic finish. Not too strong and not too subtle; perfect for a morning game on a sunny day! The formula was a breeze-- PYGB partically painted itself on my fingers! I needed two coats. 

Artificial light (flash):

I know Protect Your Girly Bits looks very similar to my polish from last week, Enchanted Polish August 2015 but PYGB is slightly darker and less silverly. I swear! This is so gorgeous and the formula is impeccable. Girly Bits does not disappoint! I can't believe this is only the second time I've used Girly Bits-- a situation that needs to be rectified asap!

Go Dawgs! Beat the Hornets!

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