Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Julep Lainey

Usually during the summer, I'm not really into the jewel tones-- I tend to gravitate towards brights and neons during the warm months but at one point I was feeling the need to branch out to something different so I picked up Julep Lainey, which was a part of the July Maven box. Julep describes Lainey as a "summer berry shimmer" and I would add that it is a metallic shimmer, and therefore is a little brushstrokey because of that.

I didn't have any issues applying Lainey. The formula was pretty good, though a little on the thin side-- I used three coats to really get good, deep coverage. Again, despite Julep calling this a shimmer, I would call a metallic shimmer, meaning that you do have to be careful of brushstrokes if you overload your brush (which is what I tend to do, as I have giant nail beds). I didn't find it super obvious in real life, though!

Artificial light (flash):

Lainey definitely fit my needs for a nice jewel tone. Even though it is a little metallic and therefore prone to brush strokes, it was exactly what I was looking for and will make a great transition color for the fall! Such a lovely, glowing color!

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