Friday, September 28, 2012

Anniversary nails: OPI German-icure by OPI

Originally I intended to post this last Friday (Sept 21st), but my family emergency meant that that didn't happen. Ah well! I decided to just leave my original text so please forgive the fact that I wrote this over a week ago.

So, instead of my regular Football Friday post, tonight is a special nail post! My five year anniversary is tomorrow, September 22 and we're celebrating by going out to dinner tonight at Canlis-- a very fancy and expensive restaurant in Seattle. Conveniently, this is also UW's bye week, meaning they don't play this week, so there's no football game to get ready for.

I wanted to go for a fall flavored manicure, given the time of year. So I got OPI German-icure by OPI, which is a gorgeous blacked red-brown shimmer from this fall's OPI German Collection. German-icure went on very smoothly but was a little sheer in the first coat. However, two coats was enough to get opaque coverage. This polish shifts a bit depending on the light-- sometimes it looks more brown and in others it definitely looks more red. The shimmer is magnificent. I have used two coats here and no top coat.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Us in all of our anniversary finery!

And with my jewelry!

German-icure is such an awesome fall polish-- I love it! This is a stunning polish and looks amazing in person. Run out and grab it!


  1. You guys looked great! Gorgeous nails, too :) I adore this color!

  2. You guys look super sassy! I love German-icure by OPI; I just bought it a few days ago. It looks like it's glowing!

  3. Happy anniversary!! You two look so stylish. I LOVE colored pearls, and it's cool how well German-icure matches them.
    I hope your dinner was amazing! :)