Friday, March 17, 2017

Girly Bits Grandma Got Run Over by a John Deere

Technically this is a polish from Christmas (as you can probably tell by the name) and is the other half of the December COTM duo. From the Girly Bits website, Grandma Got Run Over by a John Deere is described as an "interesting shade of green that sits somewhere between dill pickle and pine. I know, strange description. It's an interesting colour. It has a squishy depth to it, with a strong copper shift, and is swimming with the tiniest holographic sparkles." This is spot-on. There's a lot happening in this polish, and all of it is amazing and awesome! The copper shift compliments the other half of this duo and it's a fun twist on a traditional Christmas color (deep green).

Grandma Got Run Over by a John Deere had a good formula; a little thick but in a good way. The first coat was a little sheer due it's jelly-like consistency, but the second coat was almost opaque. I added a third coat for good measure because you know me-- I'm like that! 

My indoor photos didn't capture the green as well, so I snapped some outside shots with my phone:!! One of my kids' swim teachers actually complimented me on this! I love that. And she's not wrong, as this polish is really unique and beautiful. Even though green has never been my favorite polish color, I have really fallen in love with shifty green duochromes and this polish definitely falls into that category. It's complicated and gorgeous and I would seriously buy a whole range of polishes like this. 

Happy St Patrick's Day! Any fun plans for the weekend? A friend of mine is visiting from California and we are going to shop and see the Beauty and the Beast remake. I hope it's good! 

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  1. This looks like a great color. Wonderful swatches of it.