Monday, February 6, 2017

Girly Bits The Fuchsia Is Ours

Two weeks ago was the Women's March, which is the first overly political thing I have ever done in my life up to this point. I participated in with a group of friends and it was a great experience. I needed to wake up and shake off my apathy and privilege and this was the perfect way to to do it. Whatever your political beliefs, I think it's crucial to realize that yes, your voice does matter you can make a difference. Being involved and knowing what's going on is better for all of us!

I wanted to paint my nails pink for the march, and I knew I had a pink Girly Bits that was unused that would probably fit the bill. When I pulled it out and say the name was The Fuchsia Is Ours it was just perfect. The Fuchsia is Ours is described as a "bright pink holo with gold and orange shimmer." Being that Girly Bits is such a tried and true indie brand, I didn't expect to have any problems with this and indeed, I did not! This had a nice formula and went on smoothly. This was nicely pigmented, though I did use three coats to cover my giant nail beds (probably could have gotten away with two otherwise).

I love this pink! It's such a great color! It was super easy to use and it's such a beautiful color-- I fell in love! Sometimes you just need a good pink and fit perfectly. I was really happy with how this looked and it was just what I wanted for the march!

Happy Monday! Hope everything is off to a good start!

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