Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Enchanted Polish Dom

So yesterday I had a sweet and simple creme that I shared with you and today I'm turning the tables and showing you a super supe sparkly holo. This beauty is Enchanted Polish Dom, which was part of a limited edition trio that was released early this year (or late last year). Dom is described as a "
champagne gold ultra holo and glitter." And I'm guessing that Dom is a play off the champagne brand Dom Perignon, which is a very expensive brand of French champagne. 

I used three coats for this manicure. The first coat was a bit sheer but I didn't have any issues building it up at all! It was easy to apply and dried quickly and was very smooth! No complaints at all, but Enchanted Polish tend to have good formulas!

This is so blingtastic that it's super distracting in real life. I mean, look at that holo!! It's so gorgeous! The holo is very strong and I love that the gold has a slight darkness to it; gives it a bit of an edge and also a more neutral tone that's very wearable, despite all the sparkle. This is probably on my top 10 list for favorite polishes this year!


  1. Super gorgeous holo. I found enchanted holo polishes are always have great holo effect. Lovely manicure.

  2. What a beautiful color! I still haven't gotten any EP just because I always fail to catch a sale in time, but I love this.

  3. Dom is still one of my favorite polishes from this year. It looks great on you!