Thursday, August 25, 2016

Different Dimension Psyche

Summer isn't over yet! We are having some gorgeous, perfect summer weather right now and I have a lot of summer polishes yet to be worn. Of course, I got way off my blogging game this summer and so there's no way I will be able to cram them all in before fall gets here, but I'll try! I recently realized I hadn't worn any neons this summer, and I think that might actually be a crime! Neons and summer are match made in heaven! So on that note, today's eye searingly bright polish is Different Dimension Psyche, which was part of last summer's Back to the 70's collection. Psyche is a neon yellow with a subtle shimmer.

Psyche wasn't terrible to work with, but it's also not perfect. Being a neon yellow it already has two strikes against it so I knew I would have to be careful. I used three coats and probably could have used a fourth if I was being a perfectionist, but the truth is I'm lazy so if it works in three coats... well, there we are. Dries down to a matte finish, so you need a top coat to bring out the shimmer. You can see it's a bit streaky and there is a little visible nail line; it's really not terrible in person but it does exist. The formula is a little thick side, but again, not unworkable.

You can see that Psyche is bright, but doesn't look totally neon-- but that's typical with neons as they tend really shine in shady situations: 

Whoa, look at how it glows! It's practically radioactive! 

Even though the formula of Psyche wasn't perfect I still like the color a lot! There's something about neon yellow that just screams summer to me; I have to wear at least one during the hot weather months! I received a lot of compliments on this, even with my imperfect application, so you know it's an awesome color. I did have some issues with this peeling off, but I think my base/top coats might not be working my body chemistry any more (this isn't the first time I've experienced this issue recently) so I don't think it's the polish. Anyway, despite that, I consider this polish a winner and I kind of want to wear it for the rest of our summer, which is saying a lot!


  1. I still love colors like this, even though they are such a bitch to apply, lol.

  2. So bright! I still have some summer shades to squeeze in too.

  3. This reminds me of a yellow I bought when I was 13. I love it!