Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Polish 'M Tropical Mango

In a similar color scheme to yesterday's peach polish, today I'm moving on to another fruit-- mango! This Tropical Mango from Polish 'M! This is from her spring collection, which was a remix of popular polishes that she released back in 2013! I missed the originals so I can't use them as a base of comparison, but I'd say the remixes are equally fun! 

Tropical Mango is an orange leaning coral crelly with small red and purple hex glitter and a healthy dose of pink shimmer. I think the balance between glitter and shimmer in the same polish can be tricky, but it's pretty much perfect here and the shimmer really adds a nice depth to the polish, giving that extra littl but of oomph! to make it more than just a crelly glitter. Formula-wise, Tropical Mango was a breeze to apply; no issues! It went on smoothly and I didn't have to fuss around with the glitter at all. I used three coats because that's the way I am; others might be able to get away with two! If I had been able to locate my matte top coat I would love to see what this looks like mattified but that will just have to wait until the next time I wear it!

This polish is much fun! I wish I hadn't waited so long to wear it because I really love the shimmer and the glitter is very cheerful! I'm kind of wishing I had bought the full collection but I'm happy I have this one to enjoy! I do have another polish from this collection so tune in next week to read about it!