Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Essie Under the Twilight

Another Throwback Thursday post and another Essie polish, also from the Resort 2014 collection. Today I have Under the Twilight, which was definitely one of the highlights from this set. This polish is described as an "intensely provocative smokey plum." In the bottle it looks blue (to my eye anyway) but on the nail you can definitely tell where the smokey plum descriptor comes from.

Under the Twilight had an excellent, moreso than the other half of this collection-- I'll get to those polishes later. This was nicely pigmented and went on super smoothly. It was very nearly a one coat wonder, though I did have a few thin patches so I used a second coat. Excellent!

I wish this had a bit more color to keep it from looking so close to a near black, but the formula was excellent and it's still definitely not black, despite being so dark. Even though this is/was a resort color, I think it will be very wearable in the fall and winter. Under the Twilight is a very chic twist on a black manicure, especially if you don't want a true black.


  1. I also prefer when a colour is more visible and looks less black. However this shade looks incredibly sexy.

  2. I have to admit when i saw the name of the polish at first i immediatly thought of Twilight the's difinitly leaning to the dark side