Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Girly Bits Here's Lagoon Atcha

It's Wednesday! Hump day! And a the perfect day to have nice break, a breath of fresh air and enjoy the simple beauty of a gorgeous creme polish. Today I have Girly Bits Here's Lagoon Atcha, which is the one of two polishes from their new Colors of the Month series. These polishes will only be on sale for a limited time at the beginning of each month for preorder-- unfortunately, this was one of the June releases and is not currently available.

Here's Lagoon Atcha is described as a " bright aqua crelly" and even though this seems like it doesn't work with my whole teal theme-- to me, this polish looks way more turquoise/light teal than aqua, which to me would have a stronger blue tone. To my eyes, Here's Lagoon Atcha leans green, though some of that might be skin tone dependent (though personally I think it leans green in the bottle too). Being that this is a crelly, is does have a slightly thinner formula, but is still well pigmented. I found my first layer to be a bit streaky, and ended up using three thin coats to even it out. But no complaints, as it went on smoothly, dried quickly and didn't give me any real issues.

Personally, I loved this polish! I recently wore this on vacation and it lasted a full five with only minor tip wear! Technically seven days because I was too tired upon arriving back home to take it off, hah. So this is definitely a winner in my books, all the way around. I love a good creme and the color is beautiful, so I'm in love. Definitely looking forward to seeing more COTM duos from Girly Bits! Happy Wednesday all!


  1. This is a gorgeous color. I love colors like this in summer.

  2. I love these shades of polish, one can never have too many teal/turquoise nail polish. Gorgeous!

  3. Wow! Colours like this kinda worry me because they are usually stainers but the shade itself is just gorgeous!

  4. This is a lovely shade! It looks lovely on you. :)