Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sinful Colors Koko-Nuts

Listen, I am no Kardashian fan, by any means, but that hasn't stopped me from liking some of the polishes they have released. I don't have very many but I love that there are a bunch of matte polishes so I'll probably be picking some of those up. Today I have Koko-Nuts to share with you, which is a polish from the King Kylie collection. 

Koko-Nuts is a white creme with a strong gold shimmer; it definitely has a glass fleck quality to it. Formula was pretty standard for a white creme; ok but not amazing. It's on the thick side and goes on a bit streaky-- I found it difficult to get thin coats and this does not want to self-level. I used three coats and it's not too bad; maybe not quite as even as I wanted but not terrible. If you are a careful polisher you might (maybe) be able to get away with two coats. 

I do like this shimmer, but I'm not head over heels in love with this polish. I saw some swatches that I loved and which lead me to pick up this polish in the first place, and while I do think it's pretty (love the shimmer!) I wish my nails were a but shorter because I think it would look cleaner. Sadly, Koko-Nuts is kind of just "meh" on my nails but I may try it again at a different time. I do want to try some of the matte polishes that have been put out, though! 


  1. I don't care about the K's but some of their Sinfuls are super pretty!

  2. This is a very pretty white especially with the gold shimmer!

  3. Very pretty polish I love that shimmer :) x