Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

It strikes me that now I actually have amassed a large enough polish collection where I can do Throwback Thursday posts! Ack, that's a little frightening. Today I have a real polish fanatics favorite to share with you-- Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. There was a huge ripple of panic throughout the polish world when Sally Hansen decided to reformulate this polish and introduced a darker, shimmery version with the same name. The original formula was snatched up by collector's and I was lucky enough to get this from another polish addict in the PNW because I couldn't find it in stores. I've only had this polish since last year, but it was originally released in 2009 so I think it qualifies as a "throwback."

Pacific Blue is a vibrant ocean blue with maybe just a touch of purple. It's a creme and has an excellent formula; it went on smoothly in just two coats! I can't resist that.

Artificial light (flash):

Pacific Blue is a real stunner. I wish they hadn't changed it, though I do think the new Pacific Blue is pretty as well (I don't own it yet but someday, probably). Luckily, there are similar polishes out there if you are looking for this color, but if you do have this baby-- don't let go!


  1. Awesome blue! I own it and love it.

  2. I have like.... 4 bottles of this. I cherish all of them! LOL