Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fairytale Finish Neverending Fairytales Subscription

I have a fun post today! I'm a member of a PNW polish group and it's a fun bunch of ladies to get to know! There are several local indie polish makers in the group, and one of them, Amanda of Fairytale Finish, has started her own monthly subscription service. I love supporting local independent businesses, so I decided to sign up. Amanda offers two subscriptions packages, one for $9 (including shipping) that contains one polish and a second for $16 (shipping included) that contains two polishes. The theme is different every month and the first month's theme was Mythical Creatures. With all of these factors, it seemed like a no brainer to sign up. So let's see what polishes came to me in this months box!

The first polish I received is Mermaid Tears. Given Amanda's love for mermaids (they are even part of her new logo), it's not surprising that there was a polish inspired by them! Mermaid Tears is a teal jelly polish with a variety of blue/green glitters, including small hexes and squares and some large shard glitter. I was a little worried with the combination of shard glitter in a jelly base, but I'm happy to report that it applied easily. The first coat was a little sheer, but it built up nicely. Two coats had a little bit of visible nail line, so I added a third and I think it looks great. I did just a minimal amount of dabbing to get a few glitters into place, but really, I could apply this easily and normally with minimal fuss.

Next up is Unicorn Princess. I can't lie to you-- I am a huge unicorn freak. Well, that sounds weird. When I was growing up, I was that girl who was obsessed with horses and unicorns. I read books about them, wrote stories about them-- basically, I wanted a unicorn. So I am totally biased about this polish already, hah. Unicorn Princess has a white crelly base with gold, hot pink and purple glitters. So basically, I'm in love-- I can't withstand the power of hot pink glitter. This was also easy to apply and I only did some minimal dabbing to move a few glitters around. My only minor complaint with this was that I don't think it self-level as well I would have liked, but to be far, I also might have put too much on my nail to begin with. And you can't see it in my photos, so maybe I'm crazy. In any case, the problem is probably solved by better application so I bet next time I won't have any issues.

Let's see some pictures!

Mermaid Tears:

 Unicorn Princess: 

These aren't my first Fairytale Finish polishes, but I have to say I am happily impressed with these. They arrived promptly, were packaged nicely, and applied easily! Winning! I like supporting a local indie polish maker and the price is very affordable.

If you are interested in signing up for the Neverending Fairytale Subscription, you can visit Fairytale Finish and sign up right up there! Amanda currently has two sign up periods during the month; I believe the current sign up period goes through July 3rd, but the next sign-up starts July 4th. July's theme is Jewels and Gems, and I can't wait to see the polishes!

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