Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cat's Makeup Bag: Everyday Favorites

Would you be surprised to know that I don't wear makeup on a daily basis? It's true! (And honestly, right now it's too hot for makeup anyway.) For a long time I felt uncomfortable with makeup and didn't know where to begin. This changed when I finally had a makeup lesson from a friend (a professional makeup artist) for my wedding--which was seven years ago-- and then my addiction to nail polish kicked in and with it, a new interest in makeup. Still, though, on a daily basis, I don't wear much (any) makeup. Recently, I have started making an effort to wear some makeup as part of my daily routine--I am 32 now! Awhile back I saw an article linked on Facebook about a woman looking to get a natural makeup look (you can read the article here) and there were a lot of comments about why would someone wear makeup to look natural-- just go in your skin. And certainly, there is merit to that--no one should feel ashamed to go without makeup or like they need to wear makeup to fit in! But sometimes we just want to enhance our natural features. And sometimes we want to go crazy! And that's ok too! So do whatever you want-- that makes you feel good! Personally, I wish I had an excuse and/or enough courage to wear more crazy makeup.

Whew, sorry that got pretty wordy! In any case, the short version is that I like to even out my skintone and wear some neutral eyeshadow, a blush and a lipstick. Personally, I like something quick and low-maintenance-- I don't have a lot of time, so something I can throw on quickly is key.

For the longest time, I was wearing just a tinted moisturized from Neutrogena (from the Healthy Defense line) and then layering the Maybelline Master Primer Blur + Redness Control on top.

Unfortunately, Neutrogena discontinued my moisturizer (noooooooo!) so I've been on the search for a replacement. It seems like not that many companies make tinted moisturizers these days, especially with SPF, which is a must have. I have picked up a couple BB/CC creams that claim to be moisturizing, but let me tell you-- they are not! Perhaps they are for some people, but my skin is on the dry side, so just using a BB Cream isn't really an option for me.

I finally stumbled across The Balm Balm Shelter moisturizer, which I like more than the BB Creams. It's definitely more moisturizing though it definitely still has a more makeupy feel to it.

Moving on to eyeshadows-- I have recently fallen in love with cream eyeshadows! Once I figured out that I could use my finger to apply them (I must be dense, honestly) I realized that they were a nice, easy way to throw a wash of color on my eye. First I prime with the Stila Primer Pot in Taffy, which has also been discontinued (noooooo) to matte my lids, and then I apply my eyeshadow. For every day I tend to stick with neutral shadows, in particular taupes, which are versatile and work with just about everything. My current go-tos are Julep Dusty Taupe Shimmer and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Black Orchid (which is a limited edition, boo).

For summer (when it's not too hot), I really like Julep's Pale Nude Shimmer as a wash on my eyelid, throw on some mascara and go! Easy peasy and the shimmery beige color lightens up my eye area. Throw on some mascara and I'm good to go.

My current mascara:

Blush is next. I have been loving the Colour Pop blushes and one of my absolute favorites is Birthday Suit:

As far as a lippy is concerned... oh man. I love lipstick. My beauty splurges outside of nail polish are blushes and lipsticks. Lipstick is like nail polish in that it's easy to change and is a fun way to introduce some color into a look. However on most days I tend to wear a "my lips but better" color (though during the summer I tend to break out the brighter pinks and colors).

From left to right I have Julip Chit Chat and Primp; Colour Pop Lumiere, Frida and Brink; Revlon Sultry and Pink Truffle; Maybelline Touch of Spice and Purposeful Mauve. It's a nice range of pinky neutrals. I particularly love Lumiere and Touch of Spice, but these are all good! Maybe another time I'll put out my bright lippys!

So that's the run down of my everyday makeup! Hope you enjoyed this trip through my makeup bag.

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