Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Colors by Llarowe You've Been Served

Hopefully everyone had a nice Easter! Or at least a relaxing weekend! Our weekend was not particularly relaxing because of Easter, but we did have a really excellent time and the boys had a great time running around and exploring. It was really nice to be with family, though!

Tonight I have You've Been Served from the New Year, New CbL collection. This polish is a gorgeous-- just stunning. It's so rich and deep. You've Been Served is a "bright cherry red pink holo" and the holographic effect is a scattered on. While the linear effect is often blinding and can be show stopping, the scattered effect here serves to enrich and give depth to this color. Jaw-dropping, stunning, gorgeous! As per my current inability to keep notes these days, I am fairly certain I used two coats here, though you might possibly be able to get away with one. I didn't have any problems applying this at all; it went on like a dream!

Artificial light (flash):

This is such a gorgeous red! I wore this for Valentine's Day and it was definitely the right choice. This does want to stain, though, so be warned-- you may want to double up on base coat or be prepared to do a little bit of scrubbing when you removed this. This polish is still available if you decide you can't live without it!