Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sally Hansen Velour

Ok, I've been writing this post in my head for ages. Mainly because of the name of this polish makes me think of Futurama-- specifically Zapp Brannigan, who in one episode has a line that goes "Leela, it's real velour!" (refering to his bedspread, while he is trying to seduce Leela.) This always cracks me up, especially because I think velour is considered to the cheaper version of velvet.

If you want to see the clip, you can watch it over on Comedy Central. But really, if you haven't watched Futurama, you should. It's hilarious! And sweet, and heart-felt and just plain old good!

ANYWAY... let's get back to talking about the polish Velour. This is the last polish from Sally Hansen's Velvet Texture collection. (Whew, we made it through!) Velour is a rich, medium purple with the same textured finish as the others. This one had a very nice formula, easy to apply, and I only needed two coats. This dried down quickly, but unfortunately chipped quickly, which was on par with my experience with this range of polishes (and tend to be very common with matte polishes as well).

Artificial light (flash):

Even though I'm not sure I would have given this polish the name Velour (I tend to associate that word with the color red), it is a fun texture and I can definitely see myself using this during football season. Now that we're done with these velvet textures, do you have a favorite? Or are you over the texture trend altogether?


  1. I like the color on it but I'm not too sure I like the finish on it or not.

  2. I like the color but the chipping is kind of a red flag! Love Futurama though :-)