Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Julep Becky

Hope the weekend is treating everyone well! We are dealing with another bout of colds at our house, which suuuuuucks. I am so over cold and flu season-- kiss my butt, germs, and gtfo of my house! Our poor au pair was at her wits end on Friday-- clearly, we all need the weekend to recover. Despite all the sickness, we have been pretty productive so far. 

Today I have a polish from the February Julep Maven box. I have to say that I still get my monthly Maven box but have less time to use the polishes, so I tend to opt for the beauty products. But I tend to buy the more interesting or unique polishes Julep offers, and my polish today, Becky, is one of those. Becky is described as a "oil slick duochrome silk." Of course, I can not resist a silk or matte finish so I knew I had to have this. On the nail and in the bottle, Becky looks like an oily grey with strong purple and green flashes. The green shimmer was really pulled out with my flash. As I recall, I didn't have any issues applying this, and I believe I used two coats here. This dries more quickly than a typical, non-matte polish, but not so quickly that it is hard to work with. As you can see in my pictures, it isn't a flat matte finish-- it has a satin like sheen to it. 

Artificial light (flash):

Natural light (shade):

Isn't the shift so pretty?? I don't there are many duochrome mattes out there (of course you could always mattify a regular duochrome polish I suppose) so Becky has a unique place in my collection. I'm really glad I decided to pick up this polish! 


  1. Very pretty shift! I don't have much colors like this too.

  2. This is really pretty, I love it with the flash!!