Friday, January 24, 2014

OPI Live and Let Die

Another "oldie"... sort of. Today I have OPI Live and Let Die from the 2012 Skyfall Collection, which was released last year for the holidays. I have had this swatched for some time (last January, cough) but time got away from me and I never posted it. Time to rectify that! Live and Let Die, aside from being one of my favorite James Bond themes, is a deep forest green with gold shimmer. The green is pretty murky and deep, but I don't think it ever looks black, even in lower light. The shimmer also doesn't disappear into this dark base, which is great, because I think the shimmer really makes this polish.

Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten to write down any notes for Live and Let Die, even though I did apparently to do it for all the other colors I swatched that day! Very annoying. I'm fairly certain I used two coats here, though you might be able to get away with one. The formula was good (again, as far as I remember)-- I certainly don't remember having any issues with it.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Sorry for the half-assed review-- hope you enjoyed the pictures! I don't have another polish like this in my collection. I do like that this polish, while part of a holiday collection, doesn't necessarily say "holiday" and you could definitely wear it at other times of the year.


  1. Its a great shade! It has some depth to it :)

    1. While the base color is pretty by itself, I really like this with the shimmer. Definitely gives it something extra!