Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Julep Olivia

Today I have the base of my Lacquistry Cornucopia manicure-- Julep Olivia. I'll be honest: I have a love/hate relationship with brown polishes. I want to love them and often think they look very rich, but I never seem to gravitate to wearing them. At some point last year (or even late 2012?) Julep was having some sort of sale and I decided to grab Olivia to add to my collection. Julep describes Olivia as a "rich and graceful, dark chocolate truffle crème." It's a pretty spot-on description-- I definitely think chocolate when I see this polish.

Olivia was extremely easy to use and had a great formula, which I find to be fairly typical of Julep's creme polishes. It went on smoothly and I used two coats for opaque coverage. This dries to a nice glossy finish.

Artificial light - flash: 

Natural light - shade: 

Natural light - sun:

This is a lovely rich brown, a nice alternative to black if you want something dark but still a little warm. Looking at this, I feel like I need to get over my fear of brown polish and try wearing it more often! What do you think? Is brown polish something you wear or avoid?


  1. Its a nice deep brown! I like it :)

    1. It's an excellent brown polish if you're on the hunt for one!

  2. I think I am like you I think it would go great in the fall but never seem to wear it