Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wedding Manicure

This weekend my husband and I attended the wedding of a dear friend-- my husband was one of the groomsmen and we've been looking forward to this wedding for awhile. In addition, we got to see our whole group friends and party, which is always fun! Shopping for a dress for a "formal" occasion when you're pregnant is a bit of a challenge, though-- it's pretty much just like spinning a roulette wheel and hoping whatever you get still fits by the time you need to wear it. Luckily, even though I bought my dress in June, I didn't have a problem fitting into it yesterday.

Since the dress had a print I decided I wanted to keep my nails simple so they wouldn't fight with it (though I'm sure anyone else would have cared or noticed). But given that it's summer and we've been having some beautiful weather, I couldn't resist a little bit of sparkle either! I decided to use Essence Cafe Ole as my nude polish (a review is coming!). To give it some sparkle I decided to use Cult Nails Mayhem, which is a sheer holographic topper that I conveniently just got. The result was a nice subtle manicure with the right amount of sparkle to keep it interesting! I love this look!

Artificial light - flash:

Natural light - sun:

I decided that I needed to get a pedicure for the wedding as well, mainly because I can't actually reach my toes anymore. And getting a pedicure feels great! With the colors of my dress, I decided that doing a mint or turquoise pedicure was calling my name. When I got to the salon, I pulled China Glaze For Audrey off the shelf. Why do I not own this? It's such a pretty shade and I love it on my toes. Such a soothing color! Here's a pic with the dress I wore to the wedding so you can see the print/colors (sorry, feet/toes!):

So we had a great time at the wedding yesterday and have spent today recovering (my husband from drinking, me from just being up so late). I can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

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