Monday, December 19, 2011

Julep Trina

Ok, this is the last Julep polish I'll have for you for awhile, promise! I have more on the way, but will move on for a little while in the meantime. This was the last polish in my November Maven box (along with Diane and Michelle). Trina is a gorgeous polish! Julep describes it as a deep aubergine, and apparently the polish is named after Trina Turk, who happens to be a Seattleite who picked this color for Julep's collection. After some research, I discovered that Trina Turk is a designer-- if you're interested, you can visit her website.

While Trina is a definitely deep aubergine, it's so much more than that! Trina has an aubergine base, but is full of gorgeous shimmer-- under the light it sparks with both red and blue shimmer. Not noting the shimmer is a crime, because the shimmer makes this polish. I only used one coat in the pictures below, however, two coats probably have been perfect-- Trina was fairly opaque but I noticed some imperfections when I photographed it. I used Julep's basecoat and no top coat-- it's a little bumpy on my ring finger. Even with no top coat, Trina is still pretty shiny, which is awesome, but I always put a top coat on my finished manicures. 

Artificial light. You can really see the aubergine base as well as the shimmer in these pictures: 

Artificial light with flash. You can really see the shimmer with the flash, but the base turns much more purple than it really is: 

Natural light - shade. It was difficult to capture the shimmer in these pictures, but gives you a good idea of how dark the case is:

So Trina is a gorgeous polish-- I think this could be a great holiday polish due to the deep, velvety color and the shimmer.

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