Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Two-fer Tuesday: Mango Bunny Mums the Word and Blue Moon

Today I have two Mango Bunny monthly exclusives to share with you! The September exclusive is Mums the Word, which is a fabulous crelly polish inspired by mums (also known as chrysanthemums) which typically bloom in fall. Mums the Word has a pinky nude base, with a smattering of pink, red, orange, purple and yellow glitters of various sizes. The formula was great; the first coat was a tad sheer, but it built up very nicely. I used three coats so I would have completely opaque coverage, but might have been able to stop at two with slightly more careful application. The glitter was nicely distributed and I didn't have any troubles applying it. The October exclusive is Blue Moon, which is a soft linear holographic periwinkle. This also had a very nice formula and was super smooth and easy to apply-- I believe I just used two coats here (though maybe a possible three to cover all my bases), but no issues at all to report!

Mums the Word:

Blue Moon:

I am really happy with both these polishes and they are each so pretty in their own respective ways. Definitely two winners! Mango Bunny is in the midst of changing their subscription service/process-- instead of a subscription, they will offer two LE polishes each month: a glitter topper and a crelly. You'll be able to buy them singly or as part of a duo. If you are interested, I would pop over to their site-- they also have some very pretty winter polishes available right now!

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