Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two-fer Tuesday: Fairytale Finish Neverending Fairytales September Box

I am catching up on my polishes! Today I've got the September Neverending Fairytales subscription box! The maker, Amanda, celebrates her birthday in the month of September and so the polishes in this particular box were made in honor of her birthday! Definitely a great theme for the month! The September box also included a lot of special bonus codes to other polish shops which was really cool and awesome!

First up: 27 Cupcakes! Like the sweet treats (mmm.... cupcakes), this polish is a sweet combination of a creamy ivory crelly base with a confection of brightly colored glitter in a multitude of colors-- green, yellow, pink, purple, and blue in different sizes and shapes. I did need to give this a good roll to get the glitters resuspended, as they sink and want to cling to the sides of the bottle. The first coat was a little sheer and sparse on the glitter, so I ended up using three coats to make it opaque and get the glitter coverage I wanted.

27 Cupcakes:

Every birthday girl needs a party dress, and boy does After Party Dress deliver on the sparkle and shine. This is a black crelly filled to the brim with holographic, multicolor shimmer and sparkle. The first coat was a bit sheer, and two coats gave me pretty good coverage but I added a third for good measure. The formula was great and went on very smoothly. This actually dried fairly shiny, but I did add a top coat for my photos. This was kind of hard to photograph in my lighting conditions, but hopefully you can see the sparkle.

After Party Dress:

Another great subscription box! I think After Party Dress may be favorite just due to all the sparkle, but they are both fun and the names fit perfectly.

Next week, stay tuned for the October Neverending Fairytales box! (See, I'm almost caught up!)

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