Saturday, November 14, 2015

Purple Saturday: Julep Danica

Welp, didn't get this up last night. And now I'm posting as the game is being played, haha. In this week's I-can't-catch-a-break story, on Thursday I managed to take an extremely graceful fall in the middle of a street while I was walking to work and rolled my ankle, causing a nice sprain. Luckily it didn't seem to swell too much, nor is it turning any nasty colors, so I'm managing by swallowing Aleve and taping it to keep it stable. It's definitely still tender, but I can walk on it. And then yesterday the terrible terrorist attacks in France happened, and I just wasn't feeling up to posting last night. But I did want to paint my nails... and that didn't really go as planned either. I started late and the polish I originally picked end up not being what I was looking for. So I just wanted something that would work, and quickly. So I grabbed Julep Danica, which is a gorgeous "blue violet iridescent chrome." Danica is definitely blue leaning, though it has a duochrome aspect to it that makes it more red purple at some angles and lights, thanks to the pink and blue shimmer running through out this polish.

I did not do an excellent job of applying this polish. I didn't let the polish dry enough in between coats, and applied probably slightly thicker coats and I had some bubbling issues. Argh. My fault. The formula on this was good-- easy to apply, not too thick or too thin. As it is a chrome polish, you have to be a little careful not too load too much on your brush to avoid streaks. It's a very pretty polish and my photos below do not really do it justice.

Artificial light (flash): 

I wasn't really happy with these photos-- I snapped some with my iPhone that might give you a better hint at the duochrome nature of Danica.

I think this is a polish I will need to reswatch at some point, haha! I'm not very happy with my paint job or my photos, but Thursday and Friday were such crappy days that I can't really work up the energy to care at this point. I painted my nails!

Go Dawgs! Beat the Sun Devils!

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