Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ILNP Supernova

Today I have another ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakie to show you! This time it's Supernova, which shifts from blue and teal to green and eventually violet. Here I wore this over Sally Hansen Regal, which you can see in my last post. This would look gorgeous over a green, a deeper blue or probably any color. I used two here and got good coverage! This polish was sparser than Electric Carnival, and ILNP suggests 3-4 coats if you want to wear it opaque on its own. I would agree with that, though I intend on layering these over a base color.

Although my photos don't truly capture the extent of the shift on the nails, it's there-- believe me! You can see in the bottle how the colors shift from blue/green to violet/red and that shift does happen on the nail. You really need to see it in person.

Natural light - shade:

Seriously, I can not get enough of these Ultra Chrome polishes. So freaking pretty. It's hard to resist staring at my nails... or buying the rest of these. (Now I really want just the blue/green one. No Cat, noooooo.)

The Ultra Chrome Flakies retail for $12.50 and are currently available on the ILNP site.