Monday, February 23, 2015

Butter London Right As Rain

Hey all! I am finally getting over all the plagues that have taken over our house, slowly but surely. I still have a nasty cough which is annoying, but am finally starting to feel better. My kids and husband were out of town this weekend and I got some swatching done, but no blogging! 

Today I have a Butter London polish to share with you: Right As Rain. This was a limited edition lacquer that was released in January-- Butter London is releasing one limited edition lacquer a month in celebration of their 10 year anniversary (though Right As Rain was originally released as a set exclusive in the Gears and Gadgets Trunk collection). I think this is a fine idea, but what kills it for me is the shipping. The polishes are already $15, but then shipping is another $7.50 which... ugh. I know they have standardized shipping but sheesh, it's hardly worth it to have one polish shipped. At the time, I was also curious about the new Butter London Glitter Scrubbers so I splurged. I don't know if I'll be doing it again. Right As Rain is a very pretty blue-toned grey shimmer.

The formula on this was ok-- maybe a little on the thin side, and now I can't honestly remember if I used two or three coats. Three, I think? Sorry, I don't really take notes these days. I didn't have any problems with the formula.

Artificial light (flash):

I think this is really pretty, but I don't know if they price is justified, especially with the shipping charges. Butter London currently has another limited edition polish for sale for the month of February.


  1. Not something I would wear often but it looks nice on you.

  2. It's pretty! I like the slate blue color!