Thursday, February 5, 2015

Colors by Llarowe Nice Melons!

How about we inject some summer into what is currently dreary winter weather here in the PNW? Tonight I bring you Nice Melons! which has a hilarious name and is a gorgeous cantaloupe coral holographic. I actually love this polish so much that I forgot I had worn and photographed it once that I wore it and photographed it a second time! Whoops. However, it wasn't much of a hardship because I love colors like this.

Nice Melons! has a good formula and was easy to apply-- I have basically stopped taking notes when I apply a polish because I just don't have time anymore-- I'm pretty sure I used two coats here. The holographic flash isn't as strong as some other CbL polishes, but there is a softer linear holographic flare. Looks gorgeous outside in the sun, so perfect for sunny summer days!

Artificial light (flash):

Unfortunately, Nice Melons! is currently sold out and I don't think it will be returning. But Leah Ann, the mastermind behind CbL, comes out with a ton of polishes during the year, so I bet there are some juicy surprises in store for her spring and summer collections-- keep your eyes peeled!

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