Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nostalgic Lacquer Underground

Tonight I have a fun indie polish for you from one of my favorite sellers, Nostalgic Lacquer. This is Underground, from her Into the Labyrinth collection. I actually had to look up Into the Labyrinth-- apparently it was a children's show that aired in the UK in the early 80's. It sounds like a show I would like (magic, time travel, etc etc) but at least at the moment doesn't appear to be legally available in the US.

Underground is a color-shifting topcoat that shifts from gold to green to blue. Erin suggests layering this over a dark base color and suggests applying up to three coats to achieve the look you want. Here I have two coats of Underground layered over American Apparel Hassid (a black creme you'll see later). No issues at all with application-- went on smoothly and easily. Despite the pigment used to make this, it does indeed dry smooth and glossy like Erin claims-- I'm not wearing a top coat in any of my pictures.

Picture heavy! I've done my best to try and capture it so you can see the color shift. The gold-green color shift is readily apparent, but the green-blue shift is more subtle. In some of my partial sun pictures I think you can see the green-blue shift if you look around the edges of the nail.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

This last picture is one of my favorites-- the color shift looks amazing!

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - partial sun:

Unfortunately, Underground is currently sold out and Erin doesn't plan on making any more of it at the moment. The good news is there are two other beautiful shimmer top coats you can still buy!

I have to say that I bought this on a whim and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm lazy and like to just be able to slap something colorful on aand go, not apply endless layers to achieve a look. But this is simply gorgeous and I'm definitely going to be getting the other two that are part of this collection.


  1. I seriously want to steal this combo and wear it when I take my mom and sister to see WICKED. It's perfect on so many levels.

    the end.