Monday, June 11, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Smitten

Long time no write! My hubby and I went down to Portland/Vancouver to see our parents and do a joint birthday celebration (mine was last week, his is this week). Needless to say I was a bit too busy to post. But I'm back now!

Smitten is an RBL polish that has been available for awhile but was I didn't get until recently. Ji describes Smitten as "angora, princess phones, Molly Ringwald movies. This is the light lilac pink that would have won Andrew McCarthy's heart." Smitten is a very pretty pink. Not sure I see the lilac in this, it reads more light bubblegum pink to me. It's not very bright, but a little bit dusky (maybe that's the lilac-ness?).

Similarly to Lulu, I had to be a bit careful with Smitten. It is nicely pigmented but you need to use a light touch and limit your brushstrokes, as there will be some streaking or dragging if you're not careful. This was almost perfect in two coats, but I needed three to make sure I didn't have any streaks. The dry time was ok-- probably about average.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Smitten is a really pretty light pink that reads a little flesh-toned to me. I'm not sure if that makes sense, because obviously it doesn't match a skin tone, but it definitely is a neutral. Very feminine and pretty but I'm not sure it's on my list of all time favorite pinks.

Smitten is currently available for $18 on the RBL website.