Saturday, June 23, 2012

OPI Did It On 'Em

Sorry for my absence this week! I have not been a very good blogger-- I'm behind on my posts and on commenting on other blogs. This was just one of those weeks where I happened to be busy every night of the week. Today I have another OPI polish for you, Did It On 'Em from OPI's collaboration with Nicki Minaj, which was released in January, I believe. At first, while I liked the colors in the collection, I wasn't motivated to buy any of them until I found myself looking for a chartreuse green polish and I didn't have any! I found Did It On 'Em at a local drug store chain mixed in with some other polishes and decided to grab it.

Did It On 'Em is a bright chartreuse green (although, is there any other kind of chartreuse?) and is the perfect "ugly pretty" color. The polish is pretty well pigmented but definitely streaky. You need to use a light touch, for sure. Two coats was almost good enough, but I found I needed three to even it out and get rid of all the streaks.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Those last pictures under the fluorescent light makes Did It On 'Em look brighter and almost neon-- in real life, it is not neon.

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

I didn't have a chartreuse green in my collection before this one, and I needed one! I love this color. I'm not sure this color does me any favors but I think it's fabulous. It's very on trend at the moment and is a fantastic ugly pretty color, similarly to mustard yellow.

It's apparently monsoon season in Seattle right now-- it's been pouring the past two days. I am using this as an excuse to sit around in my sweatpants and watch tv. Right now I'm hooked on watching the Olympic Trials, since we are a little more a month to go until the Olympics. Diving and track & field trials are going on right now, with swimming and gymnastics start this next week. Yay! The diving trials in particular have been great-- I watch the men's 10m platform final today and those dudes are amazing! It's crazy. The trials are also being held just south of Seattle in Federal Way, which is very cool. Hope your weekend is going well so far!

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  1. I love this color on everyone but when I put it on... nope. Not happening, lol.