Thursday, May 10, 2012

Julep Hayden

Are you ready to have your retinas seared? Because the polish I have for you tonight is bright. Really bright. It's Julep Hayden and it's a neon cantaloupe orange. Apparently I didn't read the description well enough (or at all) when I bought this polish, because I didn't realize that it was neon. I was just under the impression that it was a nice springy orange, but holy neon! That, however, does not diminish my love for this polish.

Julep describes Hayden as "neon peach" which is a pretty good description. To my eyes, this seems pretty orange, with a hint of pink. Peach, cantaloupe, whatever, it's delicious! However, the formula was not quite as delicious as the color-- Hayden is super streaky, probably due to the pigment. However, despite the streakiness, I got good coverage with three coats and I didn't see any noticeable bald patches. However, I would recommend using a light touch and to avoid going over spots you have already polished to avoid dragging the polish. Hayden dries pretty quickly and also dries to a semi matte finish, so you need a top coat to make it shiny and glossy.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I flipping love this.  To me it's an unusual color for a neon-- most neon oranges are pretty much traffic cone orange and this a much lighter cantaloupe color, which is one of my favorites. I love how bright it is, even though it initially surprised me. However, I do think Hayden would make a traffic stopping pedicure, though. ....See what I did there? It's been a long day.

Apparently Hayden was originally named Amanda, so if you have a Julep polish by that name, you don't need this one. I'm not sure why it got renamed, though.

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  1. Hayden made me look jaundice LOL I hated it...I'm so glad other people made the color look nice...cuz it looks awesome on you!