Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pepto Pink

Sorry for the long delay with posting-- I had a whole plan laid out for the next several weeks and then I got lazy (and am now out of town visiting my parents) so I haven't done anything! Whoops. Sorry!

I was going through polishes to swatch (I have a lot!) before Valentine's day and thinking of something to wear and remembered that I had Rescue Beauty Lounge Pepto Pink sitting in a drawer, unswatched and lonely! So I pulled it out and went to town. The RBL site describes Pepto Pink thusly: "If your closet is an undulating sea of dove, biscuit, stone, ebony, charcoal, and black, you need this color as stylish punctuation mark." I definitely agree that Pepto Pink is an excellent pop of color against a more monochromatic wardrobe, but it also is a great pink color in general.

Pepto Pink is exactly what the name says-- it's the shade of Pepto Bismal. I love the color! However, the formula on this was a bit of a pain-- it was incredibly streaky and light hand is definitely needed to prevent this from having bald spots. I used a light touch and tried to use as few brush strokes as possible to prevent dragging the polish. I also used slightly thicker coats and needed this to get pretty full, opaque coverage. It dries to a nice glossy finish without a top coat, though.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Finally got some sun! Even briefly, it was nice to have some.

And finally, an artistic shot with my Valentine's wreathe:

The formula on this was a little more annoying when I went to do this as a full manicure for Valentine's Day-- I found the streaking more problematic (especially on my large tumbnails) and felt that Pepto Pink took an extremely long time to dry in between coats. But I love this color and so am willing to put up with it, despite the slightly disappointing formula.

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