Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spa adventures!

This past weekend I spend three days in Bend, OR with my husband's family as a big birthday celebration (my husband, my father-in-law, and myself all have birthdays within two weeks of each other) and since my husband and my FIL are hitting big milestones this year (30 and 60 respectively) my MIL wanted to do something big. So all of us, including my SIL and her fiancé all traveled out to Bend to spend some relaxing time together. The weather didn't exactly cooperate the entire time, but Bend is a fun, charming little town and we had fun doing brewery tours, exploring downtown, playing golf (the boys) and getting pedicures (the girls).

Our hotel, The Riverhouse offered a 10% discount at the Anjou Spa and so my MIL decided to treat us girls to their signature pedicure so we could have some pampering. Anjou Spa is apparently a green spa, and so only uses green products-- including their nail polish. To this effort, they use Zoya polish, which is a vegan polish, and free of formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, and camphor.

I was originally going to go with RBL's Bikini Bottom on my toes (yes, I did pack nail polish on my vacation) but in the end of go with one of the Zoya polishes they had available and picked Charla, which is a sparkly blue-green polish. (As an aside, Zoya is currently running a promo where you get a free bottle of Charla and Ivanka with any purchase. Enter the code ZOYASPARKLE during check out.) This polish has a very summery feel to it-- it seems like something a mermaid would wear!

The pedicure itself was wonderful-- very relaxing. They use big cushy leather chairs that lean you back while they work on your feet. It's probably way more comfortable for the technicians and also very relaxing for the recipient. In addition to a wonderful massage, they also wrap your feet in hot towels to relax them. Wonderful. We walked away perfectly relaxed and our feet felt great.

And this is the finished product and one of the few times you'll see my toes:

The polish looks more green here, but is really a blueish green teal color with tons of sparkler. Beautiful! Both the polish and my feet! Felt nice to have a splurge-- usually I just get a quickie pedicure at the small nail place around the corner.


  1. You should show your toes more often, you have very pretty feet. More nails to swatch!

  2. Thanks! It helps to have a good pedicure!