Saturday, June 18, 2011

China Glaze Cracked Concrete

Another shatter for your viewing pleasure! Cracked Concrete, as its highly original name suggests, is a grey crackle polish. It is a medium grey polish, and being a crackle it dries very quickly and then cracks. I decided to layer this over CG's First Mate and SOPI's Club Queen Scene because I thought the dark blue/teal and the grey would look nice together. I think it does-- the creme finish of the crackle contrasts nicely with the sparkle from Club Queen Scene, even though both the colors are fairly dark. Cracked Concrete cracked rather nicely-- if I remember correctly I applied a fairly thin coat here.

Artificial light:

 Artificial light with flash:

Natural light (shade):

Natural light (sun):

And there's another crackle polish in the books! I'm still not totally sold on the crackle trend, though I like that it allows people who don't do nail art to have a little fun with their nails. I do have more crackle polishes, so you will be seeing some more here, but I think I just prefer having a "solid" color on my nails for the most part.

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